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EL Choco – Raw Mushrooms


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EL Choco – Raw Mushrooms

Introducing El Choco, one of the most sought-after magic mushroom strains in the market today. Renowned for its exceptionally dark appearance, El Choco stands out as the darkest Psilocybe cubensis strain available.

Now, at Shroom Bros, you have the opportunity to get your hands on a pack of El Choco. Unveil the bag to reveal a captivating array of dark brown shrooms.

Yet, it’s not just their distinctive color that sets them apart from other psilocybin mushrooms. El Choco also boasts incredible effects that are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

If you’re curious to learn more about the origins of El Choco, its effects, and the recommended usage, read on below.


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Purchase El Choco Shrooms Online

El Choco Shrooms are among the most sought-after magic mushroom strains currently available in the market. What sets El Choco apart is its distinctively dark appearance, making it the darkest Psilocybe cubensis strain known.

Now, you have the opportunity to acquire a pack of El Choco right here at Happy Tree Buds. When you open the bag, you’ll be greeted with rich, dark brown shrooms.

However, it’s not just their color that distinguishes them from other psilocybin mushrooms. El Choco also delivers incredible effects that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of El Choco, its effects, and proper usage, please continue reading below.

The History of El Choco Magic Mushrooms

El Choco magic mushrooms have recently made a significant impact. But who is responsible for cultivating these marvelous specimens?

Enter Dave Wombat, a well-known vendor and moderator for the TAT Syndicate Facebook group. TAT stands for True Albino Teachers, and the “syndicate” is credited with creating the TAT strain, which lacks any color due to being albino.

However, Dave Wombat decided to take a different approach with El Choco. Instead of a colorless strain, he developed a strain abundant in hues.

According to Dave Wombat, he wasn’t intentionally trying to create a dark strain. He had been cultivating the same B+ strain for nearly two decades.

One day, he noticed a few exceptionally dark mushrooms growing among the batch, which he carefully nurtured. These dark mushrooms eventually became known as El Choco, and the rest is history.

The Appearance of the El Choco Strain

The most distinctive feature of El Choco is its appearance. Having a dark-colored strain is highly unusual for those unfamiliar with it.

Most strains tend to exhibit bright or pale golden/yellowish tones. In contrast, El Choco looks as if it has been dipped in chocolate.

When fresh, the mushrooms also possess a somewhat “hairy” appearance. However, these are not actual hairs but rather extra mycelium strands.

Once dried, the mushrooms take on a paler appearance. You may also notice blueish or light greenish marks on your dried El Choco magic mushrooms.

These marks, known as bruises, are common to all mushrooms and occur during harvesting, transportation, and storage.

It’s important to note that bruises do not diminish the potency or safety of the magic mushrooms. If you observe any bruises, you can confidently consume your magic mushrooms.

Effects of the El Choco Strain

If you’re seeking a strain that induces pure joy, your search ends here. El Choco provides an exceptionally clean and clear magic mushroom experience.

El Choco is the perfect strain for both relaxation and socializing. In both scenarios, you’ll experience pure euphoria and uplifting sensations.

Recreational Use of El Choco Magic Mushrooms

El Choco is ideal for recreational use. The euphoric and clear-headed nature of these psilocybin mushrooms makes them versatile.

When out and about, El Choco sets the perfect mood. You’ll feel uplifted in pure joy and develop a deep connection with those around you.

As you gaze at natural landscapes or even simple gardens, a sense of pure awe will envelop you.

Moreover, El Choco won’t hold you back. With El Choco magic mushrooms, you’ll be ready to embark on any adventure.

Even at home, El Choco will be your perfect companion, providing pure contentment whether you’re relaxing or engaging in creative activities.

However, always remember to consume psilocybin mushrooms responsibly. Never drive after consuming shrooms or engage in any hazardous activities.

Keep in mind that a magic mushroom trip can last for six hours or more, so be prepared. Make sure to bring enough food, water, and positive vibes wherever you go.

Spiritual Use of El Choco Magic Mushrooms

A spiritual journey with magic mushrooms can be truly enlightening. Such experiences offer invaluable insights into emotional and mental challenges.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that these experiences can reduce depression and anxiety while promoting openness.

Consequently, many individuals are interested in embarking on spiritual journeys with magic mushrooms. However, these journeys require proper preparation.

Not only must you prepare for a substantial dose, but you also need to be in the right mindset and environment. This is commonly referred to as having the correct “set and setting.”

If you’re considering a spiritual magic mushroom trip, it’s crucial to read extensively about set and setting. While covering it all here would be impractical, you can learn more about preparation through the provided link.

Once you’re ready for your spiritual journey, all you need is a pack of El Choco. The gentle nature of these mushrooms serves as the perfect guide to elevate your consciousness to new realms.

How to Dose El Choco Magic Mushrooms

Dosage is the key factor that distinguishes a spiritual experience from a recreational one. It’s important to consider your dose every time you consume shrooms.

After all, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself if you’re not prepared. For beginners, the chart below can provide guidance:

  • Threshold dose: 0.25 grams (g) (should feel something)
  • Light dose (recreational): 0.25-1g
  • Medium dose (recreational): 1-2.5g
  • Strong dose (recreational to spiritual): 2.5-5g
  • Heavy dose (spiritual): 5g+

El Choco is not overly potent, so the above chart should be applicable. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to stay within the 1-2 gram range.

Experienced psychonauts may opt for doses exceeding 2 grams to achieve a suitable experience.

Indulge in the Chocolatey Goodness

At Happy Tree Buds, we recognize an instant classic when we see one, and El Choco undoubtedly falls into that category. As a trusted online retailer, we offer the finest selection of magic mushrooms in Canada.

That’s why we wasted no time getting our hands on El Choco and cultivating it. So don’t hesitate, grab a pack of the El Choco strain today, and immerse yourself in its delectable chocolatey goodness.

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