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Mystery Ounce Special

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Mystery Ounce Special

What is a Mystery Ounce?

Mystery ounces have gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts seeking an unexpected experience. This package consists of cannabis flowers sold without details about the strain or origin. The flowers are chosen randomly, eliminating the buyer’s ability to select a specific strain. The quality spans from AAA to AAAA, making it an ideal choice for those who relish surprises and are open to exploring various strains.


  • Ben Avetissian

    This is an amazing place! I am always happy with my products, everything is simple to use and understand! Will always come back

  • Phil L

    Quick delivery and excellent edibles def my new favourite to order from.

  • Sadaf khan

    Great product I love this vape pen and taste great 👍🏽

  • Marie Bou

    I’ve bought this pen just to give a try to vape pen and I actually really liked it. Flavor is nice and it’s perfect for an occasional smoker like me. Arrived quit quickly. Will probably try and other of this pen on an other flavor .

  • Samsul Karim

    Fantabulous products! Would highly recommend purchasing from this company, very quick at filling their orders and customer service is phenomenal!

  • Peachy Seams

    HTB is the best. If you ever have any issues or questions, they are right there to answer them for you. The quality of not only their products but also their service is unmatched! Thanks for everything Happy Tree Buds!


Mystery ounces have become increasingly sought after within the cannabis community, captivating enthusiasts eager for a novel and unpredictable experience. This unique offering comprises a carefully curated assortment of cannabis flowers, deliberately devoid of any accompanying information about the strain or its origin. What sets this option apart is the element of surprise it brings to the table, as buyers relinquish the traditional privilege of selecting a particular strain. It’s a journey into the unknown, where anticipation heightens the overall experience.

The allure of the mystery ounce lies in the randomness with which the flowers are chosen. This lack of predictability ensures a diverse and eclectic mix, appealing to those who relish variety in their cannabis encounters. Ranging in quality from AAA to AAAA, this enigmatic package caters to a spectrum of preferences, accommodating both seasoned connoisseurs and those venturing into the world of cannabis exploration. The gamble of not knowing the strain beforehand adds an extra layer of excitement, making it an enticing option for individuals seeking a departure from the conventional cannabis purchasing experience.

For those who revel in surprises and are keen on broadening their cannabis horizons, the mystery ounce provides an ideal avenue for exploration. By embracing the unexpected, enthusiasts can discover new strains and potentially uncover hidden gems that might have eluded them in a more curated selection. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving and diverse landscape of the cannabis market, where the element of mystery not only adds intrigue but also fosters a sense of adventure for those with an open mind and an appetite for discovery.


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