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Durban Poison (Sativa) – AAA


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Durban Poison (Sativa) – AAA

Durban Poison stands as the ideal sativa strain for a refreshing wake and bake session. Renowned for its invigorating impact, this variety has garnered widespread acclaim globally due to its delightful aroma and mood-lifting qualities.

27% THC


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Durban Poison Strain Profile
Durban Poison emerges as the quintessential sativa strain, possessing ample energy to propel you through even the most bustling of days. Recognized for its transformative vigor, this cannabis variety catapults you from weariness into a state of productivity and creativity. Originating in South Africa, it has attained widespread global acclaim for its aromatic sweetness and uplifting attributes. This purebred strain is also frequently harnessed for concentrate production due to its abundant coating of large trichomes.

Aromatic Qualities
Durban Poison exudes a pleasantly funky fragrance that tantalizes the senses. The strain’s delightful aroma combines earthy notes with hints of fresh citrus and tropical fruit, accompanied by a distinct pungent gas undertone that underscores its exceptional quality.

Flavor Profile
Its taste mirrors its earthy and sweet scent. Durban Poison treats the palate to tropical flavors, and its delectable taste can serve as the catalyst for enhanced productivity.

Visual Characteristics
Typically, this cannabis strain yields medium to large flowers with a robust structure. Cloaked in a dense layer of trichomes, its hues intensify when exposed to sunlight, with vibrant orange patches gleaming amidst the verdant foliage.

Effects of the Durban Poison Strain
This strain aims to instill a euphoric perspective for the day ahead, ensuring mental acuity remains keen. It induces a cerebral high that enhances focus in a single sweep, making it ideal for tasks demanding creativity, enabling your thoughts to flow freely and converting them into actionable endeavors.

Renowned for fostering camaraderie through laughter and smiles, Durban Poison also has a reputation for triggering psychedelic encounters that might distort and heighten sensory perceptions. It presents a remarkable option for those battling depression or anxiety, offering respite for mental well-being and evoking smiles. Additionally, it proves beneficial for attention deficit disorders, anchoring you to your seat with profound concentration. As a potent wake and bake choice, it provides the propulsion to traverse the day energetically. However, it’s best suited for daytime usage rather than nighttime.

THC Content 19-25%

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Durban Poison holds the power to unleash waves of creativity that rejuvenate the industrious mind. This iconic South African sativa is celebrated for its invigorating energy and sweet fragrance. Embrace this strain today and witness your mind brimming with inspiration.


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