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Slurri Crasher (Hybrid)

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Slurri Crasher (Hybrid)

Slurri Crasher, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, originates from a genetic blend of Slurricane and Wedding Crasher. Comprising 60% indica and 40% sativa, it offers a delightful combination of flavors and effects. With its sweet grape and berry aroma, this strain delivers a happy and relaxing experience. Boasting a THC content of 28% to 33%, Slurri Crasher is favored by seasoned cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent high. It induces feelings of sleepiness, hunger, and euphoria. Often recommended for managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, medical marijuana patients find relief in Slurri Crasher. Its flavor profile encompasses notes of grape, berry, and earthiness.


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Slurri Crasher‘s lineage is straightforward, as its name suggests. It’s a blend of two popular strains: Slurricane and Wedding Crasher. Slurricane, a mix of Purple Punch and Do Si Dos, and Wedding Crasher, a combination of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake, are its parent strains. With Purple Punch being the dominant grandparent—an Indica-heavy strain—it’s no surprise that Slurri Crasher leans towards the Indica side, boasting an average THC level of 31%.

This heavy-hitting Indica strain promises profound relaxation, making it ideal for relieving stress and tension, and promoting restful sleep. However, its potency warrants caution during daytime use, as it can overwhelm users.

In terms of aroma, Slurri Crasher delights the senses with a sweet, fruity scent complemented by subtle fuel undertones. Its taste mirrors the aroma, offering fruity berry notes with a zesty finish.

Visually striking, Slurri Crasher buds are dense and oversized, sporting a deep green hue. Adorned with orange pistils and white trichomes, they signify the strain’s high THC content.

As for effects, expect a body high that melts away pain and tension, accompanied by a couch-lock sensation. While it can induce deep sleep if consumed excessively, it initially uplifts the mood, leading to a state of euphoria. Continued consumption enhances the body high, relaxing muscles and inducing the munchies.

With a THC content ranging from 28% to 33%, Slurri Crasher has garnered its own dedicated fanbase. If you’re curious to try it, you can find it online. Just explore our selection, light it up, and embark on a relaxing journey.


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