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SFV OG Kush (Indica)

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SFV OG Kush (Indica)

Experience a rejuvenating sense of vitality with SFV OG Kush, the ultimate evening relaxation strain. Its mellow demeanor offers your body and mind the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate, promoting peak performance. With a delightful blend of fruity and piney aromas, SFV OG Kush ensures a sensory journey that embodies the essence of the good life, no trip to California required.


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Introducing SFV OG Kush: The Legendary Indica

Renowned as the San Fernando Valley OG, this strain is a household name, credited with elevating both the SFV and OG Kush to iconic status. Rediscover the joy of restful nights and awaken to days brimming with energy, courtesy of SFV OG Kush—a must-have for those seeking tranquility after sunset.

While it won’t grant you Wolverine’s powers, it certainly rivals them.

Feel revitalized as SFV OG Kush soothes your body, creating an oasis of relaxation for your mind to thrive. With its laid-back essence, this strain fosters optimal recovery and performance without the need to venture to California for a taste of the good life.

Derived from the fusion of the esteemed SFV OG and Afghani Kush strains by the Cali Connection, SFV OG Kush boasts a lineage deeply rooted in California’s San Fernando Valley—a region where its predecessor, SFV OG, initially gained fame.

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

OG Kush stands tall as one of North America’s most sought-after strains, with countless hybrids gracing dispensary shelves. Yet, none compare to the sheer excellence of SFV OG Kush.

Its appearance mirrors the classic OG Kush: dense, dark green buds exuding a skunky aroma that tantalizes the senses. Coupled with a fruity and piney flavor profile, SFV OG Kush encapsulates the essence of California’s sun-soaked paradise and laid-back atmosphere.

Ideal for alleviating pain from injuries, overuse, or age, SFV OG Kush‘s tranquil body stone offers relief while its euphoric effects combat PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it aids insomniacs in finding restorative sleep.

Delivering a creeping high, SFV OG Kush gradually elevates mood and relaxes the body, owing to its OG Kush and Afghani lineage. As tension melts away, a profound sense of contentment ensues, echoing Bob Marley’s timeless mantra: “everything is going to be alright.” This serene euphoria persists for hours, culminating in heavy eyelids and a longing for slumber.

SFV OG Kush embodies the epitome of relaxation. No need to journey to California; the good life awaits within each puff.

SFV OG Kush: Medicinal Benefits

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PMS, Stress

1 review for SFV OG Kush (Indica)

  1. ocean1kelly (verified owner)

    4.5, no joke, great in every way, flavor, burn, buzz, smell, love it.

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