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Purple Garlic (Hybrid) – AAAA


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Purple Garlic (Hybrid) – AAAA

Purple garlic, a captivating hybrid strain, is an essential choice for cheese enthusiasts. This strain is the result of a meticulous crossbreeding process, combining the timeless Moroccan Sativa Hash Plant with the renowned Cheese strain. With this blend, you can expect an extraordinary and unique flavor experience.

  • THC 19 – 24%
  • CBD 0.01 – 1%

  • Sweet
  • Natural


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Introducing Purple Garlic Strain
Variety: Hybrid

Effects: Calming, Happy, Uplifting, Relaxing

Also referred to as Platinum Garlic or Purple Platinum Garlic, this strain is a potent fusion of two renowned cannabis varieties, the Platinum strains, and GMO. With a robust THC content of up to 30%, both seasoned and novice users should approach this strain with caution. Those who can handle its potency will be pleased to discover that the Purple Garlic strain delivers a prolonged, clear-headed euphoria. It’s an ideal choice for unwinding after a taxing day without succumbing to the couch-lock often associated with Indica strains. Purple Garlic is stimulating and cerebral, striking a harmonious balance. Expect a surge of creativity and bliss, making it an excellent option for social occasions or when you have minor tasks to tackle.

Effects and Characteristics of Purple Garlic Strain
This strain marries the cerebral high of a sativa with the profound relaxation of an indica, offering a blissful and lucid buzz that suits any time of day. It initiates with an invigorating cerebral high, elevating your spirits and leaving you feeling content and cheerful. During this phase, anxieties dissipate, replaced by a profound sense of euphoria and well-being. Subsequently, a soothing relaxation cascades through your body, alleviating muscular tension and discomfort. This head-to-toe relaxation can be cherished or harnessed for creative endeavors. However, it’s worth noting that excessive consumption can lead to couch lock and drowsiness, so it’s advisable to indulge during the evening or at night if you plan on consuming more.

Aroma and Flavor:
Renowned for its robust fragrance, Purple Garlic fills the air with the pungent scents of garlic and earth. Surprisingly, many cannabis enthusiasts find this aroma surprisingly pleasant and not as overpowering as one might expect. In terms of flavor, you’ll encounter similar notes, though they present themselves in a milder and more subtle manner on the palate. An enduring herbal aftertaste lingers on your tongue long after exhalation.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Purple Garlic strain doesn’t mirror its namesake. Its buds are compact and irregular, displaying a deep olive-green hue with hints of mint. They are also adorned with vibrant orange pistils and a sticky layer of trichomes.

Medical Benefits of Purple Garlic Strain
Purple Garlic is a blessing for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. Initially, its uplifting cerebral effects can significantly improve one’s mood, offering relief from anxiety and depression. Subsequently, the profound relaxation it induces can alleviate muscle tension and pain, making it an appealing option for those with chronic pain, migraines, or arthritis. Additionally, its potential to induce couch lock is beneficial for individuals seeking a restful night’s sleep, making it a potential solution for those struggling with insomnia.

Overview of Purple Garlic Strain
Purple Garlic is a hybrid cannabis strain that harmoniously blends the best attributes of sativa and indica. It caters to both relaxation seekers and creative minds, but exercise caution to avoid potential couch lock.


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