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Greasy Pink (Indica)



Greasy Pink (Indica)

Seeking that perfect strain to unwind? This indica variety promises to alleviate all your pain, worries, and awareness. Reserve this one for evening relaxation or for those moments when you simply want to experience a profound sense of relaxation. It’s akin to enjoying a genuine, delightful, old-fashioned giggling session while being pleasantly stoned.

THC level: 25-27%


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Information on the Greasy Pink strain:
Also known as Greasy Pink Kush or Pink Bubba, Greasy Pink serves as the ultimate escape for cannabis enthusiasts seeking tranquility and relaxation. Born from the union of Pink Kush and Bubba Kush, this 100% Indica strain slows down the world, inducing profound relaxation. Bred by Breda de Ruiter, it’s a potent sedative, perfect for unwinding after a taxing day, making it ideal for nighttime use rather than a morning pick-me-up.

Renowned for the calming effects of its parent strains, Pink Kush and Bubba Kush, Greasy Pink promises an extended period of relaxation after consumption. With an average THC concentration of 23%, even seasoned smokers should approach this strain with caution, as it can pack a powerful punch. Novices especially should tread lightly when trying this potent variety.

Greasy Pink emits a pungent scent, often characterized by strong diesel and earthy notes. Upon further exploration, one may detect subtle floral hints reminiscent of its parent strain, Pink Kush.

In terms of taste, Greasy Pink delivers an initial inhale of diesel fuel, a signature trait of robust Kush strains. The flavors converge on the exhale, offering a woody essence with undertones of floral and sweetness. Some users report experiencing a spicy flavor complemented by acidic undertones upon exhaling.

This strain showcases vibrant green hues, featuring medium to large-sized flowers coated in a dense layer of cannabis trichomes. Additionally, one may notice traces of pinkish hairs within the buds.

Effects of Greasy Pink:
Expect a potent and immediate high from Greasy Pink, usually taking effect within 10-15 minutes after consumption. Its intense indica properties may induce a profound state of relaxation, advising users to partake in a comfortable setting, as it may lead to a deep sense of tranquility unexpectedly, especially with larger quantities.

Moderate consumption may offer a more creative experience, owing to its genetic lineage with Pink Kush. Overall, this strain encapsulates the quintessential qualities that Indica enthusiasts seek in cannabis.

Medical Benefits:
Due to its potent sedative effects, Greasy Pink is favored among medicinal users. Its potent body-relaxing properties can alleviate symptoms of depression, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and stimulate appetite.

THC Content:
Approximately 25-27%.

Where to Buy Greasy Pink Strain Online:
Considered a top-shelf Indica strain, Greasy Pink is a must-try for cannabis aficionados. Purchasing this strain online has become more accessible, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to explore its unique attributes.


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